A Box of Dreams

A Box of Dreams

A Box of Dreams est un triple album de compilation de la musicienne irlandaise Enya sorti en 1997.

Le coffret contient trois albums intitulés Oceans, Clouds et Stars et 46 titres, du premier album Enya sorti en 1987 jusqu'à la compilation Paint the Sky with Stars

Liste des titres

  1. Orinoco Flow
  2. Caribbean Blue
  3. Book of Days
  4. Anywhere Is
  5. Only If…
  6. The Celts
  7. Cursum Perficio
  8. I Want Tomorrow
  9. China Roses
  10. Storms in Africa
  11. Pax Deorum
  12. The Longships
  13. Ebudæ
  14. On My Way Home [remix]
  15. Boadicea
  1. Watermark
  2. Portrait (Out of the Blue)
  3. Miss Clare Remembers
  4. Shepherd Moons
  5. March of the Celts
  6. Lothlórien
  7. From Where I Am
  8. Afer Ventus
  9. Oriel Window
  10. River
  11. Tea-House Moon
  12. Willows on the Water
  13. Morning Glory
  14. No Holly for Miss Quinn
  15. The Memory of Trees
  1. Evening Falls…
  2. Paint the Sky with Stars
  3. Angeles
  4. Athair ar Neamh
  5. La Soñadora
  6. Aldebaran
  7. Deireadh an Tuath
  8. Eclipse
  9. Exile
  10. On Your Shore
  11. Evacuee
  12. Marble Halls
  13. Hope Has a Place
  14. The Sun in the Stream
  15. Na Laetha Geal M'Óige
  16. Smaointe…

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