• 161Drowntown , Morrison, Robbie, Murray, Jim (2014)
    ‘Just had a romantic Waterloo sunset spoiled by the sight of a corpse being dredged from the Thames? Welcome to Drowntown… ‘The name's Noiret, Leo Noiret. I'm a Minder, which means people hire me to… 1199 руб

  • 162The Drowning Lesson , Shemilt Jane (2015)
    Emma and Adam are doctors at the top of their fields and so when they are offered the chance to take their three children to Africa for a year for a research placement it seems like the opportunity… 665 руб

  • 163These Shallow Graves , Jennifer Donnelly (2015)
    Jo Montfort is beautiful and rich, and soon - like all the girls in her class - she'll graduate from finishing school and be married off to a wealthy bachelor. Which is the last thing she wants. Jo… 1034 руб

  • 164Key Words with Peter and Jane # 11 Books Are Exciting Series C (2009)
    Key Words with Peter and Jane uses the most frequently met words in the English language as a starting point for learning to read successfully and confidently. The Key Words reading scheme is… 268 руб

  • 165The Charterhouse of Parma
    The Charterhouse of Parma (1839) is a compelling novel of passion and daring, of prisons and heroic escape, of political chicanery and sublime personal courage. Set at the beginning of the nineteenth… 678 руб

  • 166The Kite's Tale: The Story of the Red Kite in Wales , Roger Lovegrove (1990)
    The red kite - its very name evokes a picture of wild valleys in Wales - a bird at one with the wind and the sky, soaring with effortless grace, manoeuvring by delicate flexing of an elegant wing or… 210 руб

  • 167The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
    From a young age Albie Sachs played a prominent part in the struggle for justice in South Africa. As a result he was detained in solitary confinement, tortured by sleep deprivation and eventually… 2014 руб

  • 168MY JOURNEY , KARAN, DONNA (2015)
    Since she introduced her game-changing Seven Easy Pieces fashion collection in 1985 (which allowed working women to trade their manly suits for sensual, comfortable separates), Donna Karan has never… 1719 руб

  • 169A Strangeness in My Mind , Orhan Pamuk (2016)
    At a family wedding Mevlut catches sight of a girl with whom he falls in love. After a secret courtship of letters passed via his cousin, she agrees to elope with him, and on a dark night the two… 759 руб

  • 170The Billionaire&# 039;s Ruthless Affair , Миранда Ли (2016)
    To-do list of a billionaire playboy&# 039;s secretary:  1. Filing: ensure all ex-girlfriends are kept safely out of sight.  2. Expenses: all jewelry must be received one week from… 146 UAH

  • 171The Concert Ticket , Grushin Olga (2011)
    Anna is on her way home from work on a cold winter's day when she sees a crowd queuing at a kiosk. Though a queue is not an unusual sight in a Russian city, this appears different. There's a rumour… 731 руб

  • 172Winnie and Wilbur Under the Sea , Valerie Thomas (2016)
    Winnie and Wilbur are on holiday! With a flick of her magic wand Winnie turns them both into sea creatures so that they can dive beneath the ocean waves. But when Winnie's wand sinks out of sight… 548 руб

  • 173Storyteller , Picoult Jodi (2014)
    For seventy years, Josef Weber has been hiding in plain sight. He is a pillar of his local community. He is also a murderer. When Josef decides to confess, it is to Sage Singer, a young woman who… 585 руб

  • 174Let&# 039;s Play Make-Believe , Джеймс Паттерсон (2016)
    James Patterson&# 039;s BookShots. Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment. Make believe I love you... Both survivors of the divorce wars, Christy and Martin don&# 039;t believe in love at first… 79 UAH

  • 175Notes from A Big Country. Journey into the American Dream , Bryson Bill (2016)
    Bill Bryson has the rare knack of being out of his depth wherever he goes - even (perhaps especially) in the land of his birth. This became all too apparent when, after nearly two decades in England… 999 руб

  • 176Alice s Adventures in Wonderland , Carroll L. (2012)
    Would you be surprised to see a white rabbit take a watch out of his waistcoat pocket? It certainly seems a remarkable sight to Alice and, full of curiosity, she follows him down a rabbit-hole into a… 420 руб

  • 177A Strangeness in My Mind , Pamuk O. (2015)
    At a family wedding Melvut catches sight of a girl with whom he falls in love. After a secret courtship of letters passed via his cousin, she agrees to elope with him, and on a dark night the two… 467 руб

  • 178Breakfast at Tiffany s , Capote T. (2016)
    Truman Capotes dazzling New York novel Breakfast at Tiffanys that inspired the classic 1961 film starring Audrey Hepburn is beautifully repackaged as part of the Penguin Essentials range. Meet Holly… 499 руб

  • 179The Golden Stone Saga I Reader Книга для чтения , Dooley J. (2007)
    Having heard the noises from within the tavern, Will left the safety of the hut and crept towards a hole in the tavern wall.... He could no longer see his father but he saw his mother, and as she… 561 руб

  • 180Romeo Juliet Level 3 Книга для чтения , Shakespeare W. (2008)
    It was love at first sight for Romeo and Juliet, but their two families have fought each other for years. Can Romeo and Juliet survive the hatred and find happiness together 471 руб