The (Lost) Caustic Window Album

The (Lost) Caustic Window Album

Album sans titre de Caustic Window

The Caustic Window Album est un album de Caustic Window et n'existe qu'en double vinyle Test pressing (2 x 12"). Ce LP a été calalogué et produit chez Rephlex Records en 1994 seulement pour 4 personnes : Michael Paradinas (µ-ziq), Chris Jeffs (Cylob, Kinesthesia), Grant Wilson-Claridge (co-fondateur de Rephlex Records) et Richard D. James (Aphex Twin et co-fondateur de Rephlex Records).
Ces vinyles sont accompagnés des étiquettes écrites à l'aide d'un marqueur noir de la main de Richard D. James lui-même. Tous les morceaux de ce double LP ne sont pas titrés officiellement.
Sur chacune des étiquettes est inscrit d'une gravure à l'eau-forte :

Run-out groove : CAT 023-A1 A PORKY PRIME CUT
Run-out groove : CAT 023-L1 A PORKY PRIME CUT
Side C - Label : CW LP side C
Side D - Label : CAUSTIC WINDOW LP side D
Run-out groove : CAT 023 - G1 A PORKY PRIME CUT


Description de The Caustic Window Album

C'était un email qui m'a été envoyé (à Joyrex) au sujet d'un album "CAT023" de Caustic Window [...]. Ce qui suit est la description de l'album par Bowgie, car il est l'une de quatre personnes qui ont cet album. Il a été dit que Bowgie est réellement µ-ziq (alias Michael Paradinas). Ceci n'a pas été confirmé. [...].

« There are no titles: Untitled. »

It has hand written labels by RDJ (Richard D. James):

SIDE 1 in black marker pen: "CAUSTIC WINDOW LP 33 1/3 SIDE A REPHLEX" in the run out groove: "CAT 023-A1 A PORKY PRIME CUT": There are two tracks on side A,

the first is a subtle melodic grower, with hi q's; pianoish DX sounds & woodwind type synths. nice but not very immediate.

Track 2 is *much* more like it: Industrial type drums straight out of J5 and the catchiest afx acid line (not 303). Builds and builds with pad sounds & percessive held chords in a spooky fashion.

SIDE 2 Same hand written info except it says: "SIDE B" in black marker pen and in the run out groove it's the same but says side "L" 5 Tracks on B:

Track 1) called "muttley" by Richard.It features samples from "dastardly & Muttley" (Wacky Races Cartoon) starting off with Dastardly shouting "Muttley!" then Muttley the dog going "RashingFrashingWrarraFrarraWrash". Other samples: A girl speaking: "You know I don't even know why you bother talking" and the track ends with "what an utterly fantastical journey" (unknown sample) As regards to the music, it starts with a monophonic synth line doing a percussive riff up 4 notes, joined by another sound a few bars later. Then the drums kick in. Bass and snare from Phloam, sort of metallic guiro and clangs from Schottkey. Halfway through an orchestral string chords sample comes in, and the girl speaking sample appears. It's a great track, very SAW85-92 in period.

Track 2) Happy, jolly little track with high pitched bell-like hihats acid sounds and long square wave bass note. Random dat glitches spice up the percussion. The melody comes from the interplay of tuned bass drum & tuned metal hihats.

Track 3) Wow! This is a treat for fans of SOSW. Starts with Roland R8 hihats, then a marimba melody & the BD Kikkz in with an acidicish line. marimba fades in again. Then a BB1 DX pad in 5ths (lots of reverb) makes it fuckin lush. Drum break then the track restarts with stabs from Audax powder, then acid & marimba. Track ends wth drums.

Track 4) My favourite: Noisey drum loops (Tuned white noise?) acid pokes. Bass drum from Hedphelym or the B-sides to ABB2. Also odd bell like High melodies & metallic sampled melodies! very odd track.

Track 5) Tribal bongos, Quoth Bd kik & "a,aphex-a,aphex"samples. About 1 min. long.

SIDE 3 Handwritten on label: "CW LP side C" and in the run out groove it says; "THIRD REICH VETERANS WILL NOT JOIN VICTORY WAR PARADE. CAT 023 -01" 4 tracks

Track 1) Very simple synth melody & 4/4 kik drum / snare joined later by emotional sounding soft detuned string notes. Hihats and hi Q's join later and lo-bandwidth metallic samples.

Track 2) A very early track. One of the 1st he did. Childish squeaky acid line. Crap piano riff. Redeemed by lush strings & reverb on certain drum sounds, which might have indicated Here was a future talent.

Track 3) Square wave bassline, melodic held acid line, R8 drums. Simple lovely very Aphex.

Track 4) Jazz fusion aphex! Drum sounds similar to Gak. Sounds like Gak in fact except for a low farting bass and muted jazzy piano riff & overlaid solos.

SIDE 4 "CAUSTIC WINDOW LP . side D" handwritten in black on label in runout groove: "CAT 023 - G1 A PORKY PRIME CUT " 5 tracks

Track 1) An ambient track. This was a reject from SAW85-92 and is unspeakably lovely. A monophonic synth weaves around soft flutes to devastating effect. The synth filter opens & closes to emphasise the riff at certain times, & the flute goes freestyle towards the end. Metallic percussion invades the song at times complementing the groovy momentum gathered by the main riff.

Track 2) This is Phlaps off the criminal justice bill comp.

Track 3) This is Cunt off TEX 3

Track 4) This is a phone call between Mixmaster Morris & Scanner. Richard got 2 phones, rang them both (one to Morris, one to Scanner) and luckily they both answered simultaneously. What follows is very funny. Both Morris & Robin think each other has initiated the call and confusion reigns. This increases as a third voice enters the fray (RDJ). Eventually they recognise him as Richard: "If you put the phone down your gonna die.. "

Track 5) Same trick between Chris Jeffs (Cylob) & Michael Paradinas. This time Cylob figures it out straight away but the funniest bit is where he says "I think Richard wants us to talk to each other", to which Michael replies "Oh great..." track (& album) ends.

You can post this info on the joyrex site [...] or wherever. I promised Richard not to let anyone have copies. I stick to that.

(Source envoyée à le 14.09.99)

Liste des morceaux

Side A
A1 - Untitled
A2 - Untitled
Side B
B1 - Untitled (Muttley)
B2 - Untitled
B3 - Untitled
B4 - Untitled
B5 - Untitled
Side C
C1 - Untitled
C2 - Untitled
C3 - Untitled
C4 - Untitled
Side D
D1 - Untitled
D2 - Untitled (Phlaps)
D3 - Untitled (Cunt)
D4 - Untitled
D5 - Untitled


  • Muttley contient un morceau de Dastardly & Muttley de la série du dessin animée Wacky Races avec les personnages de Hanna-Barbera Productions (renommé depuis Cartoon Network Studios par le groupe Warner Bros. Entertainment) dans les années 1990.
  • Le morceau Phlaps existe dans cette compilation Taking Liberties, 1994, Totem Records.
  • Le morceau Cunt existe dans cette compilation Trance Europe Express - Volume 3, 1994, Volume Records.


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